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Mini Workouts - A Great Option When Short on Time

What do you think is the number one reason most people find it hard to get in a workout or two each week? The answer is actually quite easier than you think.

Well, what’s the answer...

Believe it or not, the answer is time management. Well, not so much the time management part, but the perceived lack of time that people associate with working out, which then later prevents them from working out. We all know that one person who seemingly never has enough time to workout. That may not be a valid excuse anymore, according to new research.

What miracle cure are we talking about here exactly?

Mini Workouts

Mini workouts are a worthy alternative approach to exercising if you find yourself short of time during the week.

Mini Workouts are classified as shorter periods of exercise in contrast to longer sessions. Typically, it involves taking longer, more condensed workouts and splitting them up into shorter, more intense workouts. Think of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Tabata, but more spread out throughout the day.

These shorter, more intense periods of exercise add up until you’ve actually done the equivalent of one long session.

Sounds like too much work?

Here are some reasons to reconsider…

Why make the shift to Mini Workouts?

One study through extensive research found that intensified brief bouts done multiple times a day, comprising 5-10-minute intervals, were as effective as longer periods of exercise. Also, given that 30 minutes when divided 3 ways seem easier, many people opt for Mini Workouts as an alternative. This is important for people who are beginners because this allows them to ease themselves into exercising.

With less time spent on exercise, the stresses surrounding exercise decrease, which results in better consistency. When you see exercise through this lens, it becomes part of your daily routine rather than that one daunting task to check off the list.

Aside from the already mentioned benefits, Mini Workouts may help you reach your fitness goals sooner since you can work out at higher intensities. It also elevates your mood, promotes better brain health, and lowers blood pressure.

I know… all of this just to say that if you can’t manage 45 minutes of off time to workout, you might be better off switching to mini workouts. But take a minute to consider this… There’s an entire psychology behind why many people find it hard to start their journey towards a healthier self. Because of this, it is better to take small incremental steps to become healthier rather than doing nothing. So there’s a place for Mini Workouts.


Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned athlete or relatively new to fitness, Mini Workouts may be the smarter and more conducive approach to maintaining consistency and adhering to the rules you need to stick to in your exercise regimen.

So try it, the results may surprise you.

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