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10 Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Underrated rules on how-to and how-not-to spend your time at the gym.

1. Don't monopolize the equipment.

While this is clearly dependent upon the hour of day, remaining at one station for eternity when others need to use it is a bit selfish. In case you're training with a popular bit of gear at crowded time of day, don't stay there checking Instagram on your phone, not caring about the others. Everyone needs to squat — don't overuse the squat rack if it's 6:00 PM on Friday.

2. Avoid long conversations.

The gym is a place of relaxation for some individuals and, in spite of the fact that it is an extraordinary social setting, attempt to downplay the chitchat. On the off chance that you run into a fellow gym rat or somebody you know, don't remain around gossiping all through that person's session.

Also, obviously, on the off chance that somebody is wearing earphones, it most likely means they would prefer not to be engaged with.

3. Don't make sex noises.

A little groan is reasonable, yet a full-out groan? Others don't have a clue whether they should compliment you for the lift or the orgasm. Know where is the line and try not to cross it. If other people are looking at your direction in a weird way while you struggle moaning, the chances are, you overdid it.


4. Respect personal space

Can't get to a bench on a Monday evening? Bummer. Try not to stand 20 cm away from the individual, prepared to jump. Beside being risky for both you and the other person, we as a #fitfam realize it's not the greatest feeling to work on our biceps while there's another person not even a meter away throwing power cleans.

5. Use that towel.

Gyms can be one of the most germ-infested places you can go. One study found that 63% of gym gear contains "rhinovirus" (which causes the common cold), with weights and machines more influenced than cardio equipment. Nasty viruses love nonporous surfaces like steel specifically. So, for the good of both your own and other's health, use a towel.

Extra tip: Tuckin Towel is gym towel with two faces. One for you, and one for nasty gym germs. Wipe your sweat off with no worries about spreading the germs and viruses all over you next time you hit the gym. Still don't have it? Get one here.

6. Mind the surroundings

Gyms can be dangerous places if you’re not alert. If you want to be da real MVP, look out for your fellow gym rats and help them out if you see them struggling with some heavy weight.


7. Always re-rack the weights

This one is probably the most broken rule in all gyms. So you can leg press 600 kg? Bravo! Don’t leave it on the machine so that someone weighing one tenth of that has to re-rack it just because you lack awareness. Also, gym time doesn't mean scavenger hunt. Re-rack the weights to the place where they should be. This means 10's with 10's, 20's with 20's etc.

8. Use one piece of equipment at a time

Don't be 'that' guy who is working out on a machine, has dumbbells next to him, and a spare towel on a bench. Hoarding is for TV series, not for the gyms.

9. Don't be a creep

This one's easy. You know that guy constantly checking the 'hotties' thinking he is invisible while training? The only person you should be focused on in the gym is yourself. That's why there are mirrors.


10. Leave the past behind

No one cares how you once benched 120 kg for 1.5 reps. There is no need to dig back old memories and flash them to others. Nobody cares. Move on and focus on your training instead. You'll get there again.

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